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Más de 87,600 faces de los jugadores, staff y árbitros de todas las ligas jugables en Football Manager 2017(compatible desde el FM09 en adelante) en el clásico estilo Scope.
El archivo pesa 4.2 GB, es un único link a descargar(Mega).
En caso de problemas, se recomienda usar algún
Update #1 - November 2016 (137 MB)


The 1st update pack contains over 2760 faces of players and staff. Most of them are updated pics from the current season of people who already exist in the core megapack. DF11 October's update, plus around 600 extras.
sub-on.pngUpdate #2 - December 2016 (165 MB)


The 2nd update pack contains over 3351 faces of players and staff. Contains DF11 November's update, plus around 900 extras.
Update #3 - January 2017 (73 MB)


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Currently the "Download Now" big red button points to a mirror. However, they have recently introduced some strange limits with downloads to certain countries, so it might not work well for everyone.

If you're not familiar with torrents, it's best to avoid it.
But if you really want to get this pack via torrent AND help others get it as well, you need a torrent client. I personally recomment qBittorrent.

Please be kind enough to help with seeding once you download the pack, so that more people will be able to download it fast.


Compatible con cualquier versión del Football Manager(desde FM09 en adelante).


Descomprimir el zip y ubicar la carpeta extraida en...

  • Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20XX\graphics


Scope style is originally created by and its production started in February 2012. We didn't release it for FM13, but the FM12 megapack attracted more than 50K downloads via torrent.

This megapack was made possible in association with the amazing people who produce the DF11 facepacks. THANKS to necjeff for granting his permission to use their top notch collection as base for this megapack

NOTA: Enlace al thread original de los autores en fmscout... LINK

What's New in Version


Actualizado para el FM17.