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FMF's Database Update V3.0

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Hace un par de dias me llego un e-mail informandome de esta base de datos y me decidi a probarla,decir que esta bastante bien y que los pocos equipos que revise,estan en su mayoria bien quitando ligeros fallos (Gustavo Lopez sigue contratado en el Celta..y cosas asi) yo os dejo aqui una copia del email por si alguien la quiere bajar, un detalle, el enlace del e-mail me daba un error 403 Forbbiden y me la baje desde otra web buscando en google el nombre de la base de datos.

Features: General Changes:


* Thousands of transfers and loans processed. Also retirements, new contracts etc etc.

* Over 800 new players added. Created over 200 players from Japan. Don't forget to load all players from Japan!

* Staff changes. Hired managers, resigned manager, new chairmen etc. etc.

* Renewed contracts of many players and managers.

* Loans which ended have been removed. Future summer transfers have been made permanent.

* Old injuries removed and a couple of new injuries added.

* European qualifiers done for all European countries.

* UEFA co-efficients updated.

* Promotion/relegation done for a lot of countries!.

* Extensive scouting for Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, N. Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, USA and Wales.

* And more.... much more!

Detailed Changes:

* Checked Holland Eredivisie and Jupiler League club by club. * Ireland in-dept research (checked player by player, more media added, referees adjusted, European qualifiers and much more).

* Tons of England Premier League till Conference North/South transfers processed (even a huge amount of non-league transfers).

* Checked Carnegie Irish League carefully for changes.

* Daily checked FootballTransfers, Goal, BBC Sports and many more general transfers sites for transfers.

* Swiss league has been checked club by club.

* Processed a lot of Swedish transfers.

* Huge amount of Portugese transfers processed.

* Updated Serbian Premier Division.

* U.S.A. MLS done club by club.

* Added 100 USA players thanks to the MLS 2007 draft.

* A lot of Norwegian transfers processed. Also contracts, player positions, retirements etc. etc.

* Lot of Turkish transfers processed.

* Greece covered club by club.

* Russian Premier Division has been optimized.

* Germany has been hugely updated. A real victory for FMF's DB Update.

* Australian A-League teams checked player by player. Extremely uptodate!

* Norway has been taken care of.

* Scotland club by club down to the non-league.

* Created over 20 new clubs.

* Processed a lot of Singaporean transfers (also club by club).

* Belgium has been made uptodate..

* Big lists of Argentinian transfers processed.

* Brazil club by club ins and outs.

* Denmark is uptodate.

* Spain Segunda Division & Segunda Division B club by club.

* Lot of Italian transfers processed.

* Poland has been made uptodate.

* More and more and more and more. Please refer to the Read Me for more information (also about the Real Fixtures add-on). We hope you all enjoy v3.0 of FMFormation's Database Update. If you find any mistakes or forgotten transfers please post them in the topic over @ FMFormation. This is the first public summer release so there will be some things wrong in it. Your job is to find them and post them so we can change it! Best regards, FMF Staff and Scouts

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Tan los equipos ascendidos? calendario nuevo de la premier?

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segunda b esta actualizada? Y como se quita los puntos al Milany todos esos?

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Lo he mirado por encima y no trae bien colocados los ascensos de segunda b a segunda, pero si que es cierto que ha actualizado cosas de segunda B (yo he mirado concretamente la Cultural Leonesa, y salen muchos de los jugadores recién fichados).

Lo que no me gusta es que cambie los nombres a las competiciones españolas. Si me da por hacer un update, me basaré en este


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