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Nuevo Parche

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Po zi.. ya an sacado un nuevo patch 6.0.1 build 70473

me parece k arregla lo de los dorsales no?


+ Fixed problem with portugeause league and foreigner rule, counting any non-portugeuse players as being foreign, instead of non-EU.

+ Fixed random unregistering of players in leagues which restrict re-registering of players to certain times of the year (Portugal/Spain/Mexico etc)

+ Fixed potential injury news item crash (trying to display injury league table for a non-existent competition).

+ Fixed a crash at the end of the season in Belgium when running with top division only.

+ Added extra sanity checks for manager reputation, to help prevent quick escalation of reputation.


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Deberas, es el parche nuevo, nom e habia fijado

dice mark que solo hay que usar la opcion del juego de buscar actualizasaciones nuevas :)

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