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In the final installment of this series, we will attempt to recreate the 3-5-2 used by Luis Felipe Scolari as the manager of the 2002 World Cup winners.

The Brazilian 3-5-2

Scolari wanted his Brazilian side to be more organized defensively. He liked the attacking abilities of wing backs Cafu and Roberto Carlos, but felt they were defensive liabilities in a back four. In order to compensate for this, he went a three-man back line, but left Cafu and Roberto Carlos to their normal duties. The result was dramatic success, as only England was able to crease the Samba Warriors’ net in the second round as Brazil strolled to their fifth World Cup.


Once again, most of the team and player instructions are identical to the ones laid out in previous articles. Several have asked about attributes for the Brazilian style of play, so next I will go into what I look for in players for these tactics.

Personnel for the Brazilian System (4-4-2, 3-5-2)

There are some attributes that will be preferable for all positions, though not essential. For instance, Stamina and Natural Fitness will determine how long your players will perform deep into games. As always with a Brazilian Style, the higher the creativity, the better. Passing is another attribute that is important as the Samba style is certainly not route one.

Each position will also need to have certain attributes in order to make these tactics work. For example, the Wing Backs will need to have high Pace and Crossing, as they must cover the entire flank and also be able to whip good crosses into the box. Here is a basic list of the attributes I look for when playing this style.

-Center Backs

Technical Attributes: Tackling, Heading, Marking.

Mental Attributes: Positioning, Work Rate, Determination, Aggression

Physical Attributes: Balance, Jumping, Strength

-Wing Backs

Technical Attributes: Crossing, Dribbling, Passing, Tackling

Mental Attributes: Anticipation, Bravery, Off The Ball, Teamwork, Work Rate

Physical Attributes: Acceleration, Agility, Natural Fitness, Pace, Stamina

-Volante (Defensive Midfielder)

Technical Attributes: First Touch, Long Shots, Marking, Passing, Tackling

Mental Attributes: Anticipation, Composure, Decisions, Determination, Positioning, Off the Ball, Teamwork, Work Rate

Physical Attributes: Balance, Strength

-Center Midfielder

Technical Attributes: Dribbling, First Touch, Passing, Technique (Finishing is a Plus)

Mental Attributes: Bravery, Creativity, Determination, Off the Ball, Positioning, Teamwork

Physical Attributes: Agility, Balance, Pace

-Number Ten (Attacking Midfielder)

Technical Attributes: Dribbling, Finishing, First Touch, Passing, Technique

Mental Attributes: Anticipation, Creativity, Decisions, Determination, Flair, Off the Ball, Positioning, Teamwork, Work Rate

Physical Attributes: Acceleration, Agility, Pace


Technical Attributes: Crossing, Dribbling, Finishing, First Touch, Heading, Passing, Technique

Mental Attributes: Aggression, Anticipation, Bravery, Creativity, Determination, Off the Ball

Physical Attributes: Acceleration, Balance, Jumping, Pace, Strength


Eso, estaba tratando de buscar una buena táctica para la U. Católica y encontré esto. Me convence. Si alguien lo pudiera traducir para los detalles, estaría muy agradecido. Opinen xD

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