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Ya está el nuevo parche Uuuuueeeeeeee.... :D

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Exactamente, hay dos archivos. El de 45 megas además de arreglar los bugs también modifica la base de datos. El parche "pequeño" tan sólo arregla los bugs. Cuántos bugs arreglan? ah?? jeeje :hello:

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45 MEGAS???? Jodeeeeeeeeeeeer, asi que se supone que si kiero actualizar los bugs y la base de datos, tengo que bajarme 45 megas,, pa que dentro de 2 o 3 meses, vuelvan a sacar otro de 80 megas mas, pa arreglar lo que jodieron con este ..... recomiendo bajar solo el de los bugs, jeje. Mas vale q este funcione bien, xq como me piten mas fueras d juego posicionales .... los denuncio¡¡¡

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Tus deseos son órdenes para mí, Al. jeje. Eso sí, está en inglés. Si alguien tiene paciencia para traducirlo que los postee.

Championship Manager 4 Enhancement Pack 3


Please note, this enhancement pack contains all the fixes contained in Enhancement Packs 1 and 2 and language packs for French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norweigan and Danish as well as the following:



- Added Slovakian and Indonisian leagues to the game taking the total to 41 playable leagues

- Prevented virtual players from always having 100% condition

- Reduced ability level for virtual players in U19 teams

- Finances now stores sponsorship in records correctly

- Stopped some clubs from getting repeated identical attendances

- Fixed problem with loading save game in very very rare circumstances

- Stopped restructured (ie. loan) debt causing stadium decay

- Reduced demands of young players who are not needed at their current club

- Improved feedback upon reasons for managers being sacked from their club

- Fixed attendance change when moving stadium

- Fixed season ticket sales bug

- Tuned agility attribute setting for regenerated players

- Tuned agility attribute setting for players at the start of the game

- Fixed preferences screen history not working correctly (not keeping between back/next).

- Fixed rare crash when free transfer player was offered a trial at a club

- Fixed goalkeeper attributes not shown on team screen (physical shown instead).

- Fixed "team selection" name changing to "Default" and unpicking players.

- Fixed injuries showing on player profile before computer matches are over.

- Fixed incorrect board message being displayed at season end in some circumstances

- Fixed friendly invitation news bug where respond button sometimes is removed before it can be used.

- Fixed a bug with competition team form values.

- Fixed news item bug when a team qualifies through a league stage and the text says that they have not.

- Fixed some first option strings

- Fixed stadium move string.

- Fixed some yearly award past histories not showing names (only club).

- Fixed a bug on the team screens transfers where the totals some times didn't appear to add up correctly.

- Fixed bug when competitions from different nations get put into the same menu on the latest scores screen.

- Fixed text for cup qualification records in manager histories.

- Fixed news screen bug: items needing response are now always displayed, regardless of the filter settings

- Fixed incompatibility between mac & pc versions causing different match results

- Fixed the repeated negotiations when you accept demands from the selling team

- Fixed missing first option duration length

- Fixed manager being sacked string where the chairmans name was used instead of the manager's name

- Fixed problem with non players who always reject contract offers due to not being offered enough wages, when in fact they are just not interested.

- Fixed various sorting issues on the team screen, person search screen, and training screen.

- Fixed bug in Add Manager, Transfer Offer, Contract Offer screens where details were lost if you browsed off the screen

- Fixed first option fee differences between the response screen and the news item.

- Fixed missing player descriptions on player profile.

- Fixed a missing hyperlink on the transfer offer screen when negotiating a transfer bid.

- Fixed problem in the team screen where certain players would have garbage listed for their squad status in

the contract view.

- Fixed 'Barcelona' bug to do with the new game config file

- Fixed young players refusing contract offers due to it being part time

- Fixed bug that caused some "in the hole players" like Scholes to be left on the bench too often

- Fixed future transfer players being freed by their clubs causing the future transfer to fall through.

- Fixed problem with news items relating to note reminders

- Players in a side that are out on trial are displayed in a color similar to the out on loan color.

- Player profiles will now properly showing being on a trial/out on trial instead of saying they are on a loan.

- Added waiting dialog to match screen for when it is setting up the match.

- Added "Use attribute masking" to preferences screen.

- If "Use attribute masking" enabled, matches are no processed and masking updated if necessary.

- When you can't afford your transfer bid and ask for a delay which is rejected a stray bit of text appeared 'They .' this has now been removed.

- '<%team#3-short>' appeared in lack of funds for transfer news item

- The add manager screen now correctly saves changes to a manager's favorite club

- You can now click on a player history and see the detailed stats for that season.

- Goalkeeper playing history now shows goals conceded and clean sheets (and not assists and goals.)

- Loaning a player twice in a season would add the stats total tally to itself - now fixed.

- "Unknown club" not showing up for some players after free transferring them.

- Player history "loan" would sometimes be shown for wrong club.

- Penalties now shown on latest scores screen.

- Selling team now does not get chance to cancel minimum fee release clause transfers at confirmation stage.

- Reject all offers doesn't auto reject offers that meet the minimum fee release clause

- Removed duplicate UK Pounds Sterling entry in cash list

- U23 national teams are now picked correctly.

- Foreign player awards does not pick non-foreign players anymore.

- When a person whose contract is set to expire, signs a new contract with another club, a message is now displayed

on the person's screen saying the date he is set to join.

- Ensured club's follow up enquiries for players if fee is acceptable

- Ability to swap two team's divisions/nations via a config file when starting a new game

- Ability to boost a teams transfer funds/wage budget/ground capacity via a config file when starting a new game

- Stopped youth players being listed for loan

- The MLS draft is now working.

- If you set up a tactic for your reserve/youth team and ask the manager of that team to use it he now will do so

- More news about progress of competitions eg "Arsenal win the Community Shield" goes to all English teams

- Toned down silly first option bids

- Players' values no longer change just because they have gone on loan

- Allowed the use of -1 in the BOOST_TEAM instruction to keep attribute unadjusted

- Tuned Offer To Clubs and added more feedback for english version.

- If maximum database is used, more Oceania players are used in the game if Australia is selected.

- The transfer screen should know show all world wide transfers if the All Nations Filter is selected.

- When you decide not to appeal against a red card ban for one of your players, it now tells you that you have done that.

- Offer To Club's, allowed the assistant to suggest more clubs for big name players

- Stopped assistant managers trying to free transfer youth players after you've given them a new contract.

- Stopped players thinking they have only been at the club a short time after they return from being on loan.

- Praise/Criticise recent player's form news items no longer report that the team is in a poor league position when in fact they are not.

- Disabled human managers being able to list for loan youth players.

- Made boxes on player information tab collapsable in case information overran screen.

- Low-level change to string code which should save about 1Mb of memory

- Added tick to 'change player' menu to show which player is currently being viewed

- If club logos are installed, game now shows the club logo for club players, and the news, training & history screens

- Added tick to competition screen to show the currently selected stage.

- If you're making an offer for a player that has a minimum fee release clause, that value is now always shown.

- Increased maximum length of human managers names

- Team Screen sort by Club/Nationality know have links to the club/nationality

- Increased width of file dialogs to fix problem with translated buttons not fitting in...

- Changed date when competition odds news is created to five days earlier to stop news being created after league has started.

- Stopped youth players from starting at age 15.

- Ensured players who are unhappy and then listed from saying that they don't want to leave the club.

- Transfer clauses now use games played for first team only and not reserve teams.

- Brazilian players in Portugal no longer treated as non-EU.

- Latest scores page now sorts matches by home team.

- Fixed crash when shortlisting a player halfway through the process of adding a new manager.

- Fixed crash when user reclicks on Start New Game after clicking on Join Network Game.

- Players with light injuries do not get removed from a national squad.

- On competition screen, the fixtures sections now show the team type (e.g. Barcelona B).

- Fixed bug where number of games won in a row sometimes was used to fill the number of games lost in a row space.

Scouts & Searches


- Human shortlisting problems fixed

- Limited number of scout reports on person's information tab to 2 at a time.

- Scout would come back with reports on your own players on loan to other clubs.

- Recalling scouts now works.

- Clubs in inactive leagues removed from scout list.

- Scouting youth players now limiting age to 21 or under instead of 23.

- "Ask asst.mgr. to filter out unrealistic targets" adjusted.

- Scouting certain players would not always update the attribute masking.

- Random players would show up in search list as on loan even though they weren't.

- You can now add players on loan to you to your shortlist.

- When buying players they were only hidden on your shortlist.

- People being both player and non-player and a board member listed in player search list.

- Filtering by Portuguese nationality would show up some weird results.

- Player & Non-players not having a non-playing job at club would come up in as unemployed.

Network, Hotseat and Internet Play


- Live league table now does not guess goals from other human matches on the same pc which have not been played yet.

- Other matches can now be viewed when on the day of the match.

- Added ability to respond to messages from other human players.

- Human players can now be disconnected from a network client without the client having to exit.

- News items from clubs offering players can now be ignored - a response is not necessary.

- Match screen now tells the human when it is waiting for another human in a network game.

Wages, Finances and Board Interaction


- Made players less agreeable to wage reductions while their contracts have a reasonable amount of time until expiry

- Fixed Wage requests for top players sometimes being limited to £100

- Fixed a player saying he can't accept a relegation wage cut

- Fixed ground maintainance issues for smaller teams

- Tuning of finance system. Most notably the Spanish, Scottish, French, Mexico, Italian and German finances

- Wage budget tuning for Greece, Mexico, Korea, France, Holland and Germany

- Wage allowed is more responsive to profitability of clubs

- Tuned manager board confidence

- Limited board expectations after a club is promoted

Player Happiness


- Disabled player praise/criticism for player who are on loan or injured

- Player's being unhappy about their club's transfer policy unhappiness more prevalent now

- Unhappy about being subbed now a more apparent unhappiness

- Victimised by ref now a more apparent unhappiness

- Player in superb form news adjusted downwards

- Made it easier for players to recover from having personal problems

- Allowed the removal of 'no support from manager' unhappiness

- Re-tuned personal reasons removal

- Ammended the praise player/criticise players recent form



- Fixed array access out of bounds errors

- The default training schedules now can not be edited, if you edit these, a copy will be made so you always

have something to fall back on.

- Added the ability to rename an existing training schedule.

- When adding a new training schedule it is no longer blank, but based off of the general schedule.

- Changing or removing coaches from a training schedule now works



- Fixed incorrect morale on tactics screen

- Fixed could not drag sub onto sub on pitch during match.

- Added always show rating during match (in addition to other info).

- Added clearer separation between first 11 and subs during match

- Added showing opposition player positions in 'specific' man marking list during match.

- Added graphics to show icons for subbed on or off during match.



- Made teams promoted from English Conference turn professional

- Fixed problem where Argentine league was not scheduling third and fourth promotion stages properly.

- Fixed bug where French leagues were scheduling games in Jan 2002.

- Tweaked some Christmas/New Year dates for English leagues.

- Added some more loan rules for English clubs.

- English Vans Trophy now enabled if 2nd division is enabled, not just Conference.

- Fixed Swedish Premier Division break period for World Cup/Euro Champ years.

- Korea subs rule changed to 3 from 6.

- AUstrian league now has 4 rounds ( 36 matches ).

- German regional League North now relegates 4 teams not 3.

- Belgian 2nd division match time changed to 8pm.

- Russian Premier and russian cup foreigner restriction removed.

- Greek league now counts eastern block players as EU.

- Greek disciplinary system now bans a player for 2 matches after 6th yellow.

- Scottish league and fa cups now have neutral semi final venues.

- English Community Shield now has 5 subs from 7 rule.

- Competitions using a period system (e.g. lower Belgian and Dutch leagues) now use the main league table for a team's current position and not the first period league table.

- English league playoff semi finals now get played at correct venues.

- No one off friendlies between Croat and Yougoslavian teams or Israeli and Arab nation teams

- Fixed a few problems with the Asian Champions Cup.

- Correct Brazilian teams now play in the Libertadores Cup.

- Finnish reserve leagues are now scheduled properly.

- Fixed a problem where Welsh Premier Cup sometimes stops after the group stage.

- Portugese league scheduling now does not skip all dates used by the Portugese Cup.

- Promotion to the Swiss 2nd now comes from the First League Group 1.

- Swiss cup now has 3 from 7 subsitutes rule.

- FC Vaduz now play in the Swiss league.

- Fixed some dates for the European Championship finals.

- No loans are permitted between Scottish Premier League teams.

- Oslo Ost in Norwegian First Division docked 3 points in 2003 season.



- Tuned defensive play a bit to try and counter super attacking tactics

Macintosh Specific


- Full screen mode now uses the monitor that the window was positioned on in windowed mode; so if you switch into windowed mode, drag the window to your second monitor, and switch back to fullscreen mode, you should find that your second monitor is used

- Added command line support. If you create a file called "command line.txt" and place it in the CM4 folder, the game will treat it's contents as command line arguments.

- Fixed problem with the recommended leagues when starting a new game.

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