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superpatch by FMCLUB

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Football Manager Club is pleased to introduce you: "Superpatch by Football Manager Club" that contains facepacks, kits, logos,

skin, backgrounds, the FMC Db and a lot of other things...


A thanks particularly to the staff of FmClub for the appointment shown in the search of the various files

and to all those people that have created the present jobs in the patch.

We start the presentation:


... with possibility of choice among:

kits ss08 romahomejb7.pngevertonthirdfe3.png

kits 3gdt adidastemplate2os9.pngumbrotemplate14ba2.png

the all for a total of 300 mb of kits and 60 nations!


a pack who contains the face in cut-out style franklampardprofilevj4.png

with an integration of face e-style...GiovaniDosSantos-1.png


Here we have decided to exaggerate! You can choose among 3 types of logos:

All in one All.png

Stickerbook v2 62002127lx3.png

LSC loghizo0.png

Skin & Background...


... harvest of the best skins...


DB adjourned to the 24/03/08 by Alex_10...

... It doesn't need descriptions... simply complete! On panoz that precedent has reached around 4000 download! A certainty!!

Various & Utility...

... that small shrewdness kes will allow you to make complete and personalized yours


Here is the content:

- Balls

- Exultations later-gol

- Dwarves

- Nets

- Sitv

- Time Icon

- Enormous Db

- Fm Miniscout 1.4

- Fm Modifier 2.25

- Match Ball installer 2008

And'indeed everything! I hope prices this job and good download to all!!

A regard from the staff of FmClub!!


created by:

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los skin y los logos van como piña me parece, gracias!!

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Hola, usuario veterano, forero novato...

Alguien puede decirme en que carpeta hay que poner este Superpatch para que funcione?


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