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ya está el EP5 en la web y aquí os dejo lo que nos trae esta maravilla.

Según SI este será el último EP antes del CM03/04



- Fixed "array access out of bounds" crash when controlling a club and nation, and trying to view their squad

- Fixed "array access out of bounds" crash in person search screen

- Fixed transfer offer screen mousewheel crash

- Fixed a rare crash in contract decision news.

- In the team records screen, some fields which did not apply to the nation or club are removed from the view.

- Manager total transfer spending/income now updated

- Manager league wins now updated for leagues decided by a final.

- Fixed obscure crash in manager profile when using the back button

- Made fake player games give players properly balanced physical attributes

- Fixed bug when user right clicks on a nation and goes to any other view apart from the squad view. The game would crash if user then goes to another nation using the see also menu.

- Fixed player enquiry cheat where you could renegotiate terms and the selling team would always accept.

- Added more checks for the saving game process. A dialog should now appear if it fails in any way.

- Fixed two string errors - record transfer fees recieved and person#3 in player conflict news (no manager)

- Fixed transfer screen total fees for foreign currencies

- Fixed job applications so applicatons are withdrawn if manager refused job offer

- Team screen now shows any current squad rules for non human controlled teams.

- Selling team now gets news items for any automatic rejections or acceptances of transfer offers for his players.

- When user rejects an offer for a player, his asking price is only set if it has been changed from the original offer.

- Fixed rare crash in player information section when playing in a foreign language.

- Match attendances now match up in team fixtures information panel and match stats screen.

- The Pedro De Heredia stadium in Colombia had its city set to the Spanish Cartagena instead of the Colombian Cartagena.

- Fixed duplicate entries on All Transfers screen.

- Fixed rare problem with some youth players not being approachable (only available to purchase)

- Made weather more variable

- A player's arranged future transfer date was been displayed wrongly on his profile screen.

- If a manager takes control of a reserve team and has asked a scout to look at next opposition, he will no longer get 2 news items for each of the teams.

- International job applications now flagged as "applied" on Job Information screen

- International job applications now generate a confirmation news item

- Disabled offering new contract to players who've announced a retirement

- When a message is sent to all human managers, the person who sent it now doesn't receive it as well.

- Increased maximum wage for key players slightly if a club has a large wage budget available.

- Attendance label on match screen was being hidden for the first half of extra time.

- Stopped job offers from lower reputation teams if you havn't applied for them.

- Fixed news text for player welcoming signing when '<%position#3-lowercase> would appear.

- Ensured when using "BOOST_TEAM" command that cash/bank balance matches transfer funds.

- Stopped sacked national managers from getting appointed again.

- Lowered amount of upper body injuries recieved by outfield players

- Prevented rehabilitation injury being incorrectly assigned to a player

- International team captains should now be set properly.

- Matches no longer show a full highlight for substitutions.

- Ensured players who get coaching badges have properly set abilities

- Ensured non_players who are listed as reserve coaches can't be approached to sign when at your club

- Ensured non_players who are on players wages get a reality check on demands when coming to the end of thier contract and start decreasing their demands.

- Fixed match cheat involving goalkeepers.

- Fixed bug when a team selection would sometimes be forgotten when tactics are edited.

- Removed squad numbers for Brazil.

- Make top clubs slightly more aggressive in transfer dealings

- Increase transfer activity slightly in low reputation leagues.

- Team of the year award news would sometimes mention players who were not picked for the award.

- Keyboard shortcuts are now disabled when the game is processing.

- Tweak transfer budgets slightly for minor clubs

- Future transfers now work properly on reserve/youth team screens.

- If a player/assistant manager is relegated to the reserve team, the manager options screen still recognises him as an assistant manager.

- Team screen now remembers fixtures and past transfers years when you navigate back to the screen.

- Ensured Klinnsman/Cruijff type nonplayers have "Pundit" displayed as job

- Stopped squad status appearing on non_player profile screen

- Fixed selecting part time option on contract offer screen

- Stopped players accepting reduced contract if offering part time contracts

- Stopped assistant managers from offering part time contracts when not appropriate

- Players going on loan are now removed from the tactics of the team they are going on loan from.

- Stopped players involved in draft/all star teams from having their values set to 0.

- Changed "<%position#1-lowercase> <%person#1> has apologised to..." jaded string to "{upper}<%position#1-lowercase> <%person#1> has apologised to..."

- Teams going on tour now invite teams to away matches only and not home matches.

- Fixed time at club bug for cpu managers

- Stopped new signing pleased to work under esteemed manager news from appearing for new unproven human managers.

- Fixed some stadium problems with a couple of teams from Uruguay and Palmira from Colombia.

- Selling team now gets news when a player rejects a contract from a buying team.

- Stats on the match screen are now only updated when there is no commentary showing.

- Fixed bug where human managers find it hard to get jobs abroad even when they are very successful in thier home nation.

- Slightly ammended next match odds by decreasing the impact home advantage has.

- Fixed the wrong order for teams in start of season league title/promotion odds news item.

- Stopped human managers getting repeated job offers from same team when on holiday.

- Fixed the Roy Keane unhappiness bug where you couldn't respond to his second moan until it has processed his first moan.

- Stopped players who have just joined a club from moaning straight away.

- Stopped human from recieving offers with next sale percentages which are not multiples of 10.

- Re-worked post-match news that informed you of shock results and major games.

- Adjusted formula used for displaying board reaction to result news.

- Altered 'Heading' training regime to make it more accurate to description

- Increase number of youth players retained by assistant managers

- Improve weather forcasting

- Fixed updating of potential value of transfer on transfer offer screen when choosing fee per game (max games).

- Adjusted formula for displaying board pleased with competition news.

- Fixed problem with players who play for clubs that have 'b' teams in inactive leagues and were being given stats for the 'b' teams.

- Stopped players out on loan from appearing in your squad as fans favourite players.

- Added some minor speed improvements.

- Stopped sold players having old club's interested in them straight away.

- Stopped availability being shown for non players if no availability to show.

- If an exchanged player accepts a contract but the transfer falls through, he can now be offered to other clubs and be offered a contract.

- Fixed date for Chinese FA Cup top goalscorer award

- Adjusted feedback from players linked with transfer moves.

- Stopped friendly competitions from being reported on using match report news.

- Stopped international managers from getting appointed to the same job every week.

- Reduced slow down whilst the game is processing retirements.

- Match screen no longer shows duplicate penalty miss events.

- When a human manager resigns from a nation, his scout searches for his club team are not deleted.

- Total goals conceded player stats for goalkeepers are now calculated correctly.

- Fxed bug where players could not be called up to the national squad, despite the fact that they were short of players.

- Fixed TV money for the first season

- Fixed bug where playing history for a team and it's amateur/B side were being recorded as one and the same

- Fixed problem where clubs with 2 managers set in the database had one "hidden" manager still contracted when you took over.

This led to the human manager losing control when the hidden manager's contract expired.

- Added functionality to allow the human user to not save down his news items whilst saving, this is useful if the human is having problems with rogue news items that need a response but are unrespondable, or otherwise wants to get rid of the backlog of news items.

To use this feature, just save the game as 'cm4_strip_news' (you will recieve a warning dialog when saving and when loading - just press 'ignore' ) Upon next restore, the game will load up without any news items.

Scouts & Searches


- When signing a scout, any current scout searches are now not cleared down.

- When a completely unknown player is scouted, it now unlocks some of his attributes in his profile.

- Deleting players from a long shortlist now works properly.

- If a scout signs a new coaching contract for a club, he is removed from the player search screen.

- Fixed bug in player/scout search where player attributes were reported as beng different to what they actually are.

- Scout reports should now always be filled out properly and not just show a full stop

- Stopped human from knowing value of hidden attribute by sorting on them in person search screen

- Cleared previous managers shortlisted players once human takes over new club

Player Happiness


- Fixed problem where player morale would drop to "very Poor" after matches.

- Improved the information given out by 'Jaded' to indicate the cause and relationship for this.

- Stop players getting upset so often when negotiating contracts

- Reduced number of players complaining about lack of squad size.



- Fixed mix-up between "No match" and "Preseason" training schedules on overiew tab.



- Fixed Argentine foreigner rules(now 4 foreigner limit in match day squad, rather than in overall squad).

- Fixed ranking levels problem in Swiss league(teams at top of relegaton division were being treated as top overall etc)

- Welsh Premier cup fixtures now show up in fixture lists for Welsh teams playing in the English league.

- Fixed Welsh Cup 4th Round date.

- MLS scheduling now does not clash with All-Stars date.

- All Star matches and MLS Combine matches are always played in full now.

- MLS squad numbers submission date fixed.

- African World Cup qualifying was getting played without some of the top nations.

- Spanish loans can now last for entire season.

- Fixed PrePreLibertadores results screen crash.

- Fixed a bug in the Norwegian discipline rules.

- Players ineligible for European games due to having played for another team cannot be picked.

- Tuned attendance for low reputation Cup finals such as the Charity Shield

- Lowered attendances in Hong-Kong league slightly

- Super cup/draft combine fixtures always appear now on todays fixtures screen.

- Dates of end of season award are now chosen better.

- Fixed MLS monthly awards.

- Japanese Emperors Cup should now be played every year.

- PrePreLibertadores cup now is scheduled properly for the 2nd year.

- Ukrainian fixtures now just allow 3 subs from 7.

- Teams in top Swiss league can no longer be expected to win promotion.

- For teams finishing 3rd in the first European Champions League qualifying stage, their continental cup is now set to UEFA Cup instead of showing up as None.

- Finnish Premier Top Goalscorer award now works properly.

- Finnish cup winner now qualifies for UEFA Cup.

- Argentine teams for Panamerican Cup from 2003 onwards are picked properly.

- Dutch team of the week awards now work properly.

- Fixed Portuguese Man of the Match award not picking player who got the most MoM's during the season

- Changed Germany/Austria to be limited to no more than 5 non-EC players



- Fixed mac specific bug which caused temporary files to be left lying around (they would sometimes appear later in the trash can).

a ver quien es el valiente de postear los cambios más importantes del EP

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Amos a ver, lo he leido todo asin un poco por encima (por cierto, paso de traducir toda esa mierda de correcciones q han hecho, q mi paciencia no es infinita) y me he dao cuenta de algo q no han arreglado en ningun EP, y por llo visto en este tpoco (y de lo q se lleva hablando en los foro de SiGames mas de un mes. Lei el post de un moderador diciendo q habian pensado q la manera de nacionalizar en el CM3 no era realista asi q la cambiaron [pero por lo visto el cambio fue q no se nacionalice ni San Pedro, pq todos los guiris q posteaban no habian conseguido nacionalizar ningun jugador, incluso habia un pollo q llevaba 12 temporadas seguidas jugadas y 0 cerote nacionalizaciones):

NO han incluido la posibilidad de doble nacionalidad para los jugadores. Es q solo vamos a poder hacerlo a traves de editores? Y esto no es un bug?

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Que es eso si alguien me lo puede explicar para que sirve es un parche el EP5

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