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Clericus Cup (the championship of the Vatican) by 23enzo86-Agloedx

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Clericus Cup (the championship of the Vatican) by 23enzo86-Agloedx

Created the championship and the national team of the Vatican

I have created a national team of the Vatican and the Clericus Cup, the championship of the Vatican.

I created a new continent so as not to involve the Clericus Cup teams participating in European competitions and the national team at the European championship and World Cup, just as happens in reality.

There are two groups of 8 teams, 4 best of both rounds will qualify for the final phase.

If you prefer that teams can participate in the European Cup and the national team will participate at the European Championships and World Championships, in the folder you download, you will find a changed file in which this happens.

Folder you will find the logos and kits for the teams and for the national team

The file was created with the 10.3

tested for 7 seasons

Soon kits and logos...


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