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Italian 8th Level by 23enzo86 & Mad4Games Forum

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Finally came the white smoke!

After a couple of months of work here for you a first version of the eighth Italian level!

We have created all the 105 real group!

Here are the updates in the file


New playable leagues - Serie D (9 rounds)

- Excellence (28 rounds real)

- Promotion (54 rounds real)

- First Category (105 rounds real)

New couples - Italy Cup Series D

- Italy Cup Amateur

- Torneo di Viareggio

- Trofeo Berlusconi

Other updates: - included many roses real number d and excellence

- Added all the real colors for teams of excellence and promotion

- Enter the stadium to all teams of excellence, promotion and first class, now they should be respected regional boundaries (the teams in subsequent seasons are now included in the group of their regions or at most of the border, but that happens sometimes some team could be placed in group completely wrong)

- We have set as the semi pro teams from Serie D all down, to make the process more realistic, as postandoòe as amateurs, all these teams were able to recruit players without limits

The file should be inset in C: \ Users \ 23enzo86 \ Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2010 \ editor data

This file was made starting from db 10.0 (normal) and thus ensures proper operation of the file with the db, even if there should be no problem with the db 10.2.

When you start a new game, select the db 10.0 (normal), recommended, or 10.2 and load all the Italian players going to the database / customize

you must install the 10.2 patch

If you want this file is present in other forums, ask me and I will be happy to include myself, the same goes for those who want to make changes to the file.

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