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(FM11) FMADDICTION Skin by Antonio ™

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(FM11) FMADDICTION Skin by Antonio ™


FMADDICTION presents its new skin for Football Manager 2011

Choose from these backgrounds: (The images are located in the folder Skin/graphic/backgrounds and you can choose what you like more)

43ee52103693028.jpg a7c5cb103693049.jpg f1bbca103693084.jpg 6c1a97103693191.jpg e21ac7103693250.jpg eee594103693293.jpg e8c729103693337.jpg e19f82103693352.jpg 1f78f8103693368.jpg c603e6103693391.jpg d164aa103693456.jpg a951d6103693460.jpg 4f3655103693492.jpg c6d460103693498.jpg ca562c103693506.jpg eee594103693537.jpg fa0f90103693566.jpg f436d9103693570.jpg b976d1103693587.jpg b16731103693597.jpg d21376103693602.jpg 2500c1103693605.jpg c4a5d4103693607.jpg

This is the homepage of the game, has been charged with the FM2011 Demo.


below is the button that shows the forum FMAddiction:


Screenshot of a team:



We creat new icon on the toolbar:


Player Profile:





Unzip the file and copy the folder in dark2011:

documenti/sportinteractive/footballmanager2011/skins /

For those who have installed the demo of dark skin remove it before installing this, since I used the config file of that skin.

Then go in the game, customize and click recharge skin.

The backgrounds are to be included in the folder: documenti/sportinteractive/footballmanager2011/skins/dark2011/graphics/backgrounds

copy the image and then name it: default

For any problems, questions or advice write here


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Cierto Black, es que en el mensaje de Guarrior con el enlace directo y abajo en el navegador, donde te pone el destino del enlace, vi rápidamente "megaupload", pero en realidad pone "multiupload"... perdón por el lapsus!!! Gracias, ya está bajando!

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