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Alguien Me Puede Explicar Que Es Esto…


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DDT files


The following is an example of what the contents of a DDT file look like:




"RETAIN_PLAYERS" "Celtic" = will retain all of Celtics’ players upon starting a new game – if you put the old firm into the Premiership, you must make a file like this to ensure that they have full squads.

"RETAIN_NATION_PLAYERS" "China PR" = will retain all players with a nationality of China PR


EDT files


The following is an example of what the contents of an EDT file look like:

"SWAP_TEAMS" "Crystal Palace" "Celtic"

"SWAP_TEAMS" "Bolton" "Rangers"

"BOOST_TEAM" "Celtic" 12000000 5000 22000

"BOOST_TEAM" "Rangers" 15000000 6000 35000

"SWAP_TEAMS" "Crystal Palace" "Celtic" - used to put Celtic in the Premiership and Crystal Palace into the Scottish Premier League.

"BOOST_TEAM" "Watford" 20000000 7000 40000 = will set Watford's transfer budget to £20,000,000, change their reputation to 7,000 (max = 10,000), increase attendance at games to around 40,000 (If stadium capacity permits).

Possible Issues:

The "BOOST_TEAM" command does not adjust the teams wage budget at the moment.

This feature has only been tested on certain leagues, so it's a case of try it and see.

If you are bringing a team from an unselected league into a selected league then some of the lesser players will probably be missing from their squad.

Es que mi ingles es a granel, y no se que es lo que quiere decir.

Y si hay que crear un archivo o hay que meterlo en el init

que es para retener los jugadores..


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