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Nuevo EP. Version 4.1.3


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En Sigames estan preparando el nuevo EP para lel CM 03/04. Se espera q lo publiquen antes de Navidaddes, y la lista de errores q corrige es esta:

THought I'd give you an update on the fixes that have gone into the 2nd Patch. We've no set release date currently (we'd like it out before Christmas though!!)


- Fixed bug where players who get put into reserve teams which don't play in an active league get full condition after 1 day.

- Fixed bug where key players would occasionally get put in the reserve squad for no reason

- Fixed problem with club relocations during stadium expansion

- Fixed problem on team fixtures screen where the year menu shows an option for the 2004/05 season when in the 2003/04 season.

- Fixed problem where Italian non EU transfer rule would sometimes block contract renewals.

- Made it slightly easier for human managers to get jobs and ensured computer clubs filled vacant postitions correctly

- Filter option hidden when picking squad numbers for a match. Before, the filter was shown but didn't work as all players needing squad numbers are always displayed.

- When using random player data, non playing staff do not get obscure nations as their home nation.

- If the top earner at a club is not regarded as a "key player" then the clubs maximum wage was displayed wrongly, this is now fixed

- There is now a limit to the "see also" menu in the clubs screen, which prevents the list from being jumbled, or incomplete.

- A string in Offer contract screen updated to show per month/per year etc depending on users preference

- The "see also" menu now works better on the team screen for B teams.

- Large database size setting now doesn't retain quite so many players

- Tuned 'fake player' database randomisation to prevent creation of quite so many 'wonder kids'

- Club links from a national squad screen now work correctly.

- Removing players from a manager's shortlist screen now doesn't reset the table.

- Managers who do not have clubs can shortlist players now.

- Finance section is now available on human reserve team screens.

- Staff search screen now includes the field "motavating" as a possible search criteria

- "SMALL_BALL" option added makes the ball not so big in the air

- National team call up news for finals tournaments now generates news.

- Combined league table view disabled for neutral venue competitions like the World Cup.

- Tuned standard of virtual players for teams active in European competitions

- Tuned amount of players who turn into managers

- Go on holiday until next match now works for international matches as well.

- Clubs from inactive leagues which have B teams in active leagues now keep their players when starting a new game.

- Added some speed improvements

- Past meetings between teams now processes second leg matches properly. Only the goals scored in that leg will be used.


- If user goes to the opposition tactic screen and they have an injured player on the pitch, the game no longer tells the user to replace him.

- Fixed problem where wrong match stats are shown occassionally for fixtures.

- If user goes to a computer team tactics before a penalty shootout, the tactics screen no longer shows its penalty takers.

- Team tactics buttons now keep their state after a replay is shown.


- Fixed problem with players in Brazil having the wrong year listed in their history.

- Fixed problem where the wrong teams were being promoted to the Danish Second Division.

- Fixed some preseason check code which was causing expectations for Hong Kong managers to not come up.

- Fixed problem with Intertoto cup dates.

- Fixed last positions graph for the European Championship Qualifying fixtures before the game start date.

- TV dates for English Premiership and First Division are now correct

- Korean K2 foreign rules now set properly after loading a save game.

- Aggregate goals now shown on cup tree if 2 legs are used.

- Cup tree view not doesn't show layout of rounds which have not been drawn yet (unless they are fixed draws).

- Consecutive wins for cup competitions now counted correctly for news items.

- Proposed friendly tours now shows correct venue information on team fixtures screen.

- Added prize money to the English Vans Trophy.

- Improved team expectations for Mexican clubs.


- Korean finances tuned slightly to balance up K-2 clubs better


- Transfers set to go through at the end of season now get verified by the transfer rules (end of contract transfers already done like this).

- Transfers for coowned players now go through the confirmation process properly after work permit decisions.

- Fixed problem when withdrawing transfers for co-owned players.

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OTRO EP¡¡¡¡Pero si todavia estoy disfrutando el primero¡¡¡ Joder, y con la lista de cosas que cambia...pos como que no funcionaran las partidas viejas. Joe, yo que en mi primer año de entrenador, gane la LIga y la UEFA con el Barça...pos no lo instalo :)

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el primero era compatible con los saves anteriores, lo cual no significa q se apliquen las mejoras. Es decir, podras jugar, pero no notaras ninguna de las mejoras hasta q comiences una partida nueva.

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Bueno, me parece genial todas las correcciones que se hacen, ¡pero ti@s! como no pueden haber arreglado todavía, el no poder jugar si cuentas tan sólo como una resolución de 800X600. Me parece patético, que se dejen de arreglos estúpidos y arreglen lo fundamental.

(Y no me vengan como esas estúpideces de poner: "small_screen" porque eso no funciona.



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En un post de Sigames, Duffy dijo q no se espera q se modifique para esta version, aunque estan trabajando en su modificacion, y q solo se incluira en la version 4.1.3 si se acaba la fase de testeo del editor al mismo tiempo q el testeo de todas las mejoras de la nueva version. Asi q en prinipio no creo q incluyan la mejora del editors esta vez.

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Pues al final han modificado el editor, pero eso si, todavia no lo he probado. A ver si mañana puedo ver en profundidad q arregla el parchecito de 44 putos MB. Eso si, en la web de Sigames dicen q es el ultimo parche (a ver si es verdad)

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