Que tal funciona el juego con el update 16.2 ?

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Todavia no me compre el juego de este año, estaba esperando este update para saber si vale la pena o no...

Quisiera saber que tal responde el juego con el update 16.2.

Los equipos ahora pueden jugar manteniendo el control del balon? Los defensores defienden mejor?


Se supone que es esto lo que soluciona:



- Improved match performance on Retina displays
- Fixed rare crash on staff responsibilities screen
- Fixed crash when trying to send assistant manager to tunnel interviews when no assistant appointed
- Fixed game not launching in Full Screen modes on certain system setups

- Fixed processing panel not disappearing when using alt-tab
- Fixed attributes pop-up ordering attributes alphabetically by abbreviation not by full name
- Fixed captain icon not displaying in-match
- Fixed Ctrl+F shortcut
- Fixed Average Positions & Heat Map options on ProZone panels showing incorrect information during live matches

- Improvements to AI transfer & contract negotiations
- Players will no longer count being rested for minor cup games towards first team football unhappiness
- Fixed issue where players would complain about being left out of a training camp squad when they were away on international duty
- Fixed players asking for a new contract and then being unwilling to sign one

- Improved defending of full backs who were tucking in inappropriately
- Improved behaviour of backline when deciding to cover out of position players
- Prevented ball getting stuck in the crossbar
- Fixed instances of goalkeepers being stranded out of goal after being called over to be booked
- Fixed some examples of dead time after ball is returned from a throw in following an injury
- Improved system of players taking a penalty when on a hat-trick
- Fixed some instances of poor back passes and goalkeepers lack of reaction to them
- Fixed some problems with Specific Man Marking instruction
- Refined referee decision making on offside calls
- Improved defenders behaviour when reacting to a ball they are favourite to win
- Improved goalkeeper decisions to parry ball back into play when they could let the ball go out
- Improved goalkeeper decisions on when to come off their line
- Improved accuracy of shots on goal
- Refined passing decision making to reduce instances of unnecessary direct and rushed passes
- Fixed some instances of a goal being awarded when the shot had hit the bar and not gone in

- Improved Retina graphics benchmarking (requires cleared cache & preferences) 
- Fixed issue with black ball on Macs
- Fixed extreme and sudden change from rain to shine

- Age, Nationality and Wage editable on Profile page for Staff and Players
- Fixes to help custom skin compatibility 

- Fixed Belgium league rules failing verification checks without being edited
- Fixed a few editing kit colours issues
- Fixed issue with stadium editing which caused some User files to crash
- Fixed edit files using the wrong start date when extracted in to the game
- Fixed various unhelpful error messages when verifying files
- Fixed some crashes on verification on specific files
- Fixed some issues extracting certain data edits in to the game

- Fixed divergence of results when playing network game between Mac & PC

- Fixed obscure nations topping World Rankings at the start of new games

- Fixed created clubs keeping affiliations preventing them from being promoted.
- Fixed created clubs not displaying their own kits on Team of the Week.

- Fixed issue where fantasy draft budget left over is calculated incorrectly



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pos a mi me va más lento, carga mal y crash dump con el skin vitrex, y eso que no sabía que había un update, lo acbo de descubrir ahora tras 30 minutos de crash dumps

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jajajjaa visitad el foro de SI jajajjaa la han cagao pero bien, todos se quejan de lo mismo, pos na cargaré de nuevo y con el skin por defecto...

la contestación base a todos:

We believe there's an issue with some custom skins in 16.2.0 - try removing it for now and try the game again.

What skin are you using?

en serio, esta injugable


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El hace 2 minutos, Narvachus dijo:

Pues yo le he quitado el skin y funciona sin problemas.

me va demasiado lento. y paso de quitar todos los graficos

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los cambios, si que se aprecian en la forma de juego, yo ya habia hecho una tactica que con el modo de juego hasta ahora me iba perfecto, poner al depor 3º en la liga me llevo una gran alegria, ahora no soy ni capaz de ganarle al rayo, se juega mucho mas por el medio campo, o al menos esa sensacion he tenido en los 3 partidos que llevo, ademas veo que antes con mi forma de juego a la ofensiva por las bandas atacaba mucho mas, ahora ya no es asi, incluso tienen mas disparo ellos, y un 65 % de posesion del balon, vamos mi equipo se volvio peor que el madrid de ahora, asi que me tocara retocar absolutamente todo de nuevo.

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