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Update CM Euphoria

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Señoras y Señores....

Ya está aquí el update que muchos de nosotros esperábamos. Este es el CM Euphoria, que nos trae muchas ligas actualizadas y la vuelta a la base de datos de Freddy Adu que es lo más destacado. Aquí os pongo los requisitos...

* CMEuphoria CM03/04 Update by Sean Webster and Lee Fitzmaurice

- The most recognised Data Update in the world to be released for CM03/04!

- For 3 Years Running: the best update around!

- Compatiable with version 4.1.3.

- Transfers from Around the Globe, on every league we could find!

- Massive Updates on Croatia, England, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Scotland and Spain.

- All the Managerial Moves from around the world.

- New Players added to the database.

- Great New Prospects uncovered and added to the database.

- Lots of Player Attributes Tweaked.

- Retired and deceased players deleted from database.

- Some ground capacities changed.

- Referees Edited - Dates of Birth / Birth Place etc.

- Promotions and Relegations from Several Nations. More in future updates.

- Fixed lots of erroneous Data - Duplicate Players / Wrong Nationalities etc.

- Club Board Room changes - Leeds, West Ham, etc.

- Future transfers implemented and players assigned to their clubs.

- Many contract Extensions Implemented from all leagues around the globe.

- Released players from expired contracts.

- Squad Numbers updated on many clubs.


Bueno, como ya sabreis, podeis descargarlo desde nuestras downloads xD

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam, pos eso esta mejor xDDD

pero si instalas la version 4.1.4 cuando salga no machacara el update?????????

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si el 4.1.4 no tiene actualización de la bbdd el update correra igual pero si está con actualización bbdd tendrías que volver a poner el update

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