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  1. Hola! Yo no hablo espanol bien, so I will write you in english, hopefully it's fine :)

    I really want to contribute to the facepack even more, I know it has over 230,000 player faces, but I saw some young players with high potential that don't have one and I would gladly make it for my use and also for everyone's use as well as I can make a lot of faces due to my spare time currently. I am decent in Photoshop and I also tried to add for myself some players into the pack, but it takes some time to edit other picture every time, to cut it. So, if you could maybe give me the hexagonal sample you use I can make some more players for the pack :)

    1. SniperScoutHD


      I would also need the font as well if you could give it to me and I will give you back the results.

    2. Zine


      Hi! I'm not Mapashito, but I think I can help you :D

      If you wanna contribute to the pack, you should check this thread.

      Even if you don't understand Spanish, is easy to download the templates and follow the tutorials. For any further questions, you can ask in this thread, or ask me via MP.

    3. SniperScoutHD


      Thank you a lot, I actually just started learning spanish and I am romanian so I guess I can understand something. Honestly, my only question is how can send the images I make because I might make some :)
      btw, I cannot contact you via personal message because my account is pretty new. Thanks again for the info.