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  1. macgyver

    Guía Táctica: Parejas y combinaciones

    Nueva versión del autor original, de momento en ingles.
  2. macgyver

    Impresiones FM20

  3. macgyver

    Hablando del match engine
  4. macgyver

    Bolton Wanderers. Reto imposible?

    El bueno de Cova tiene una partida con el Bolton:
  5. macgyver

    Jugadas a balón parado

    Yo para el balón parado me baso en este vídeo:
  6. macgyver

    Pack más completo de faces????

    Yo siempre uso dos: 1-Cut Out Player Faces Megapack de sortitoutsi 2-Fmsite
  7. macgyver

    Tactica 3 en el medio

    Podrias pasarnos unos pantallazos de tus tacticas???, estoy en una crisis de resultados y creo que tienen muy buena pinta tus tacticas tal como las explicas. Gracias.
  8. macgyver

    Impresiones FM19

    19.3.4 Changelist - Further stability fixes - Allow mentoring within non-first team squads - Free agent fix allowing players to sign immediately - Fix for Belgium League HG player count
  9. macgyver

    no me arranca el fm19

    En el foro oficial igual tienes alguna solución, suerte!!!
  10. macgyver

    Actualización mercado Invernal

    19.3.0 Changelist - Fully updated Winter Transfer Database (19.3.0 Database) - Stability Fixes - Fixed rare issue where some promises would incorrectly complete or cancel immediately after being made - Happiness changes regarding players wanting new contract too frequently - Travelling tweaks with regards to training schedules - Fixed cases of certain facilities or youth levels not upgrading correctly - Toned down the extent to which players pick up traits from methods outside of mentoring - Tweaks to AI injury numbers - Tweaks to training ratings - Fixed case of FFP failure being reported incorrectly - Continue Game Timeout fixes - Various UI fixes - Various competition and rule group fixes including (but not limited to): - French Ligue 1 prize money corrected - English FA Cup 5th round replays scrapped from first season (18/19) - Belgium Home grown issues addressed - VAR changes for European competitions - U23 only rule applied to Dutch Jong teams - Danish leagues' substitutes rule corrected to "7 subs named, maximum 3 used" - Can now play players registered for Portuguese senior teams in B Team 2nd tier games - Italian title and relegation decider games being played simultaneously - Italian Serie B expanded to 20 teams from 19/20 season - Licensed Northern Ireland PIL fixtures corrected - Greek National B Division Maximum foreign player rules corrected - Various Match Engine (version 1930) tweaks including (but not limited to): - Fixed bug with keeper reach on some high shots - Improved keeper reactions to free kick and penalty shots - Fixed rare instances of keepers picking up back passes or not reacting to them - Fixed keeper controlling ball then never moving to pick it up or kick it - Removed a restriction on striker and creative attackers offering out ball - Fixed incorrect offside example - Fixed couple of issues related to VAR - Adjusted attacking player marking when preventing GK distribution at goal kicks - Adjusted marking of players coming short for throw-ins - Fixed instances of central midfielders bunching close to ball - Made players cross slightly earlier when possible - Slight encouragement to pass ball forward more when optimal - Fixed issue where player marking edge of area at set piece doesn't always engage ball player who receives it outside area - Fine-tuned shot and pass accuracy
  11. macgyver

    Impresiones FM19
  12. macgyver

    Youtubers de FM?

    Yo sigo a Regista13, GamerTin77FM, CovaDosTrasnos, Alone4play FM, kApps, ComandoFM, Tactical Manager, SUDAKAS FM, Hey Carapocha y jasr10
  13. macgyver

    Kits SS Temporada 2020-2021'+2017-18+by+Football+Manager+Forum.rar