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Audio Commentary Patch for FM15(english only) v2.0

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About This File

Mod que permite, como su nombre lo dice, agregar comentarios(audio) al juego. Por ahora sólo hay versión en inglés.

Fue creado para el FM12, pero ha sido adaptado para el FM15 por zzpiggy


  • Original Patch for FM2012-2014 By MBarbaric - Many thanks!
  • Ported to FM2015 By zzpiggy
  • Modified Commentary Sound Files By Bart (bartdude@susie) - Since Version 0.6
  • Realistic Sound Patch By DazS8 - Since Version 0.6


0) Exit FM/FMC Completely

1) Backup Original Game Files (Events & Sounds)

Backup these two folders:

On Windows (In "Program Files" or somewhere else picked while STEAM install):

\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2015\data\events\
\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2015\data\sounds\

On Mac:

~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2015/data/events/
~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2015/data/sounds/

On Android:


If something goes wrong we can cover them back.

2) Apply Audio Commentary Patch

Extract the patch to a temporary path, like Desktop or something.

Mac users please use files in "for_mac" subfolder, and Windows/Android users use files in "for_windows_&_android" subfolder.

First, copy its




\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2015\data\events\


~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2015/data/events/



Second, copy its




\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2015\data\sounds\default\


~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2015/data/sounds/default/



OS will ask to overwrite some files, click OK/YES to confirm, we have backup those in previous step so nothing to worry about.

That's all. According to my test no need to touch event files in update folder (\data\updates\update-1532\events\), let them be.

3) Delete Game Cache Folder (Android Users Only)

FMC Tablet version doesn't come with an option to clear cache in-game, so we have to do it outside the game.

Simply delete this folder:

/sdcard/Android/data/sportsinteractive.fm15/files/application_support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/Caches/

If you got lots of custom graphic resources and don't wanna clear cache ('cos next loading time would be extreme long I know) , you may use audio commentary patch without clear cache, just can't guarantee it works fine or not.

4) In-Game Testing

Start FM/FMC, make sure that "Use sound in match" is ticked and "Volume" slide is high enough in "Preferences" - "Match" Tab.

(For Windows and Mac users) And next, VERY IMPORTANT, do "Clear Cache" & "Reload Skin" in "Preferences" - "Interface" Tab.

Jump into matches and enjoy! Please know that commentaries won't appear immediately, need about half minute for buffering.

5) Highlight Modes

Normally all highlight modes (except "Only Commentary" ) are fine for audio commentary, but some folks said "Key" mode is not that good for it, very few commentaries heard in "Key" mode.

6) Known Issue

Sometimes two or three commentaries come out together and mix into chaos. Integrated modified sound files by Bart since version 0.6, this multiple commentaries weird thing should be reduced.

7) Specific Note for Mac

Audio commentary for Mac is actually a "Lite Version", the variety of commentary may a bit less than Windows/Android version.

Why's that? Because Mac version of FM15 is flaky, only accept events before line 1024 in "match_sounds.cfg", so this file must less than 1024 lines anyway. I have to solve it with a funky way, rip events file down from around 2800 effective lines to exact 1023 lines. As result events for Mac are the same to other platforms, but variety of most events are reduced.

Besides above, Mac version is same as Windows/Android version.

8) Specific Note for Android

Well, here's a recommended game option for Android users but you may not like it.

Recommend set show replays to "None", otherwise has a big choice to lose commentary even all sounds after replay. If you don't wanna play without replays, increase replay speed in preferences should help but still has choice got commentary lost after replay.

Another Android specific issue, may got mute in extra time & penalty shoot-out.

9) Other Platforms?

Linux - I am "Linux Guy" really, but just use Linux boxes as SERVERS. Theoretically this patch should works on FM15/Linux, but I didn't check.

iOS - Have no iPad myself. As I know, iOS is not allow user to touch its actual file system, so seems this patch won't work on it.

Nota: Link al thread original del fichero en fmscout... LINK.

What's New in Version v2.0


  • v0.5 - 13 Feb 2015
  • Initial version for FM15. Direct ported from MBarbaric's FM12-14 version, almost nothing changed.
  • v0.6 - 28 Feb 2015
  • Combined with Bart's modded commentary files (reduce overlaps) & DazS8's realistic sound patch.


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